Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Through Your Eyes

It seems like the toils and stresses have affected me
Pregnancy aches and pains twitch at my limbs with most steps
Discipline at an all time high
Patience at an all time low
But it's not the end of the world. . . or even the end of the day
And there is hope . . . .

Through your eyes I can see the creativity overshadowing the mischief

Through your eyes I can experience curiosity and the beauty in a cold snowy day

Through your eyes I see time fly as you grow more quickly than I imagined
And your beauty from within

Through your eyes I can let go of reservations and enjoy the moment in all its silliness

Through your eyes I can take solace in the meaning of rest

Through your eyes I see love.  Love from my Father in Heaven.  Love for the family he has bestowed upon me.  No day is too long, no task too tedious, no pain too hard to bear.  Because I can see the grace and blessing of the moment . . . . . Through Your Eyes. 

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