Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soup-y Tuesday

I'm not always good at routines, but when implemented and utilized they tend to work wonders for our family.  Wow, imagine that!!  ;)  So it's definitely an area I need to really focus on and try to maintain.  One area is meal planning.  I've had way too many nights of throwing together something last minute, thus feeling anxious and stressed afterwards due to my poor planning -  *confession of my imperfection*

I've quickly come to the realization that as our family expands, so should my knowledge & ability on how to get good stuff on the table in a timely manner. . . . . otherwise the natives get VERY restless, LOL! 

Which brings me to Soup-y Tuesday! 

If I can make some nightly meals revolve around a theme it's much, much easier to plan . . . which means I can better streamline my shopping.  So, Tuesdays will most likely be designated at soup night - aka Soup-y Tuesday.  Here's what I'm thinking for how an ideal week might look for our brood. . . .

Sunday - Group Night - meet w/our church group so dinner is covered but still need to feed the kids
Monday - no theme
Tuesday - soup, bread & maybe salad
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thurs - no theme
Friday - Pizza night
Saturday - no theme
'No theme' nights can easily be converted to an ethnic night, casserole night, sandwich/chip night, grill night, another leftover night, etc.  Just depends on what baby and I are craving and what we have on hand.  This helps me remain flexible as well as keep the rest of my brood on their toes as to what Mo-Mo is going to cook!! . . . . sheesh, I can't have them knowing ALL my secrets, can I?!?!  *wink*

Tonight on the menu will be. . . . . Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings w/salad & bread!

What are you having tonight???  :)

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  1. Trying a new hashbrown caserole and chicken strips. I am using allrecipes to help widen my choices. I also had what I called my stock menues. Those dishes that I always kept the ingredients on hand. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Sounds yummy Ruth! If you like the recipes - do post as I'm always looking to expand my menu list options too. :)
    Allrecipes is one I like too and I've been checking Food.com a lot as well.

  3. Anonymous1/10/2012

    Since I have failed to work at home well today, we are a bit behind. Soooo, pizza rolls and then leftovers. Unless daddy intervenes. *sigh* There's always tomorrow! Thanks for adding me to you blog roll girly!

  4. Hashbrowns turned out really yummy. The recipe was on by bag of hashbrown potatoes baked with cheese and sour cream. I used no fat sour cream to soften the calorie count. I added lime to the chicken for a tiny bit of zing. I liked it. :)

  5. Tash, I think today will be a pizza roll day here today, lol! Already fumbled a few things this morn. and Natalie kept me up. I think that's my sign from God to take it easy. Sometimes us mom's have to do that. ;)

    Ruth - your hashbrowns and ckn fingers are making me hungry this morn!! May have to revamp some menu items in the next week or so here. ;)