Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soup-y Tuesday

It's that time of the week again. . . . which means soup for dinner in our house! 

I'm trying to keep this fairly consistent so hopefully there will be many more soup-y Tuesdays to come.  :)

On today's menu I have a new recipe I tried - Stuffed Pepper Soup which was posted on the Women Living Well blog.  The pic looked so yummy and I loved when my mom made stuffed peppers growing up so this was a MUST try recipe.  Glad I tried this recipe because it was awesome!  Tasted just like the inside stuffing of the stuffed peppers I remember.  I added a bit of shredded cheddar to my bowl and that was perfection.

*My only caveat with this dish had nothing to do with the actual recipe, but with my crock pot.  It didn't cook the rice evenly so I had some mushy rice on the bottom, nicely cooked rice in the middle and some semi-crunchy rice on top.  *sigh*  No worries, though!  I just transferred the soup from my crock to the stove top in my large soup pot and finished it off there after adding some water and more garlic salt & pepper.  Saved the dish! 

And to top it off, the batch I made over the weekend was a big enough batch so I don't have to cook today. . . . . 2 bonuses in one day!!   *smile*

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