Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grocery Budget Challenge - Part 2

*Before I go any further, let me just say that we did NOT make budget this payday* 

. . . . But that is OK!  Part of me is wondering if the amount we budget isn't enough for our growing family - as it has been the same amt. for so long - probably the same when it was only hubby, I and 2 kids!   So I'm hoping that through these posts and looking to utilize Quick Books, we can better track and revisit this amt. later in the year to see if it really IS feasible. 

Before I go into a more-detailed breakdown, I must note that the $200/pay - or $100/wk - is for groceries only (though on tight weeks it has had to include some non-food items) and we expense $25/pay separately for C-Funk to buy lunch - which breaks down to $2.50/day for two weeks worth of hot lunch (seems reasonable to me!).  Spillz refuses to buy lunch at school so her lunch items are included in the $100/wk. 

OK, so what does the $200/pay look like for our house this pay period???

  • $40 - Merindorf Meats meat bundle (15lbs. meat)
  • $10 - our local grocery store in town for misc. convenient food items for Nattie Bear since mom-in-law was babysitting.
  • $135 - Meijers*
  • $23 - Sams - for items I forgot/preferred in bulk (frozen fries/turkey lunch meat/hot dog buns/gummy bears*)
Grand Total:  $208 ===> $8 over budget. . . . . .so far 
          *includes some splurge items - the gummy bears were S-Money$ & Spillz's doings, LOL!

I say 'so far' because milk, bread, or some other staple that we run out of in the next 1-2 wks. may have to be purchased.  I try as much as possible to just do without but items like eggs, milk, etc. that are used in many basic recipes I cook often - i.e. pancakes, muffins, granola bars - are just too hard to go without.  Bread is something I can make if we run out so that's not too pressing to go out and buy before next pay. 

Also, tonight is our small group with some church members/friends.  I forgot to get ranch dressing and croutons for the salad we are supposed to be bringing - doh!  Luckily I have a recipe & the ingredients I need to make homemade ranch and I'll just make homemade croutons from a free loaf of bread we got for a service project yesterday.  There!  Just saved a few bucks!  Not much, but still makes me feel better when I can find small ways to save. . . . . even if I did go a bit over budget.  :)

What about you?  Do you have a grocery budget?  If so, do you find yourself sticking to or are you also an 'Over-budget offender', like me?  *wink*

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  1. Anonymous1/08/2012

    After finding out we were spending between $700-$1000, I almost choked. I did some research and discovered that wasn't TOO bad- the average family of 4 spends over $700/month. So now we're working on $600-$700...

    I'm learning how to get creative with beans and rice!!! ;)

  2. See, and that was what I was wondering about the avg. fam. since we're a family of 6 - soon to be 7 - and $400 seems REALLY low. Though Caleb's lunch $, toiletries, other non-food items are not included, even that amt. can be really skimp w/meat & produce prices rising - ugh! Regardless, I still try to stick to that budget and we've even reached that goal many paydays - whew!!

    I'll have to make sure to post recipes/sites I use in case you're ever looking for some new ideas! ;)

  3. Sarina, here's one site I've looked at a couple of times. Her prices may not be truly indicative of what the meal costs since prices vary from state-state/region but there are some good ideas - check it out!

  4. We didn't eat out. Desserts were limited and the budget never seemed enough. Added to my tendency to hoard food led to a regular battle with myself. I finally saved all my food receipts for several months then made a working list with everything that I buy. I then circled those items that I needed and stuck to my list. I am thankful now I no longer have to do this but raising 8 on a tight budget was a challenge.

  5. Thank you for linking up today. I am going to be doing a post about grocery shopping on a budget next Tuesday (the 17th) along with some other ladies. I hope you will come back and comment with your expertise!

  6. There are 8 of us and I try to stay around $700 for the month. Thanks for linking up!

  7. Ruth - Eating out is a rarity for us too! But I've looked at copycat recipes and checked out the Top Secret Recipe books from the library in search of making restaurant meals. Got a few that were pretty good! :)

    The Momma - Thanks for the heads up. . . I'll surely make sure to check back!

    Amy - Thanks for sharing your budget amt. Ours definitely makes for some tight months. Through it though, my family is really learning the art of being thankful for what we have and thanking God for this season of life.