Thursday, May 31, 2012

Um, Does This Baby Make My Belly Look Big???

Where Is The Focus???

While mindlessly watching something on TV, this commercial for Jenny Craig came on.  Like most advertising, media, manipulative marketing ploys – it goes in one ear and out the other with me. . . . but this one really annoyed me, even to the point of slight anger.  Here it is:

This, to me, is one of the HUGE problems with advertising and the negative messages it sends to viewers.  Think about what this commercial is saying.  Where is the focus???  She's questioning what's wrong with her and feeling broken over having a baby and not having her pre-pregnancy body back.  Oh, and don't forget that she can totally relate to you because she feels bad for the women (slackers maybe??) who don't get up to make a phone call like she did.  Apparently the goal of having children in this day and age is to look like we DIDN'T have children!?

To be fair, and not 100% cynical, I must say that I’ve had my own on again/off again struggles with weight in general, let alone the anxiety of weight gain during some of my pregnancies.  It’s no surprise given the stigma that is put on women – let alone pregnant women – where the focus always resorts to how sexy/skinny one is while having a baby . . . yet not look like we just had a baby.  Heck, even the model pics on the Motherhood Maternity site for shorts displays a majority of the models wearing high heels or chunky healed sandals . . . very few flats. Why?  Well, because we all know the right type of heel can elongate and make the leg appear more slender/sexy – duh!? . . . . **fashion advise courtesy of What Not To Wear - sarcasm incl. as a bonus**

We have created a self-absorbed culture that focuses more on body image, restricted weight gain, how 'good' mom looks during/after pregnancy versus one that celebrates the idea of bringing a new life into the world!   Celebrity Mom's who appear 'too big' are ridiculed in the magazines.  While celebrity moms who lose the weight a mere couple months, or even weeks later are exalted as being awesome, sexy and something for us 'other slacker women' to try and achieve.  Where is the Focus???

Anything outside of the 'recommended' 25-30 lb. weight gain is up for judgement.  No wonder mom's are racked with anxiety & guilt after baby comes to rush and exercise, restrict calories, etc. in an effort to attain the goal of fitting into those pre-pregnancy jeans again.  No wonder pediatricians showcase that losing weight is a great benefit of breastfeeding.  The blessing and joy of baby gets lost in the mixed emotions and shuffle of this false reality we embrace.  Where is the focus???

Please don't misunderstand my point - I am not abdicating a mother's responsibility to be healthy.  I'm honestly just ready for a reality check.  I'm tired of delusional skinny/sexy/unattainable body images being the 'norm' that we are to compare ourselves to.  Then on top of it, we're urged to feel bad, less than. . . or BROKEN because we don't look a certain way during or after pregnancy.  Whatever happened to being overjoyed to just be pregnant? There are many women who struggle with infertility and would lavish the opportunity to be in that position. Whatever happened to embracing our curves and relishing the softness of our body as we prepare to snuggle, cushion, protect, and nurture our baby?   God created us to be warm and inviting to our newborns. . . . not hard and crusty like a piece of beef jerky!

Again, where is our focus???

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to focus on being healthy. I like your bit of sarcasm, well placed. :)