Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Birthday - What Another Year Has Taught Me

Wow, it's been a whole year past since I've been here before.  Another 365 days, or would you say 366 since Feb. 2012 had a Leap Year day???  Either way, it's been awhile.  A lot can happen in a week around our house, let alone a whole year.  With baby #5 due in June, basement finishing project currently underway, and a whole myriad of misc. to keep us busy - it's no wonder a lot can change.

So what has a whole year done for this birthday girl? Hmm, time for some inner reflection . . . .

Over the last year, I've learned that some things in this world really aren't that important. . . . or at least not as important as I used to make them.  And some things are not negotiable; up for debate.   In a nutshell, I've learned more about what to let go of and what I should grasp onto harder.  For instance. . . .

  • Some people really are mean-spirited, won't change and are not content until you are discontent
  • Other people are a blessing and I am forever thankful they've been a part of my life.  Don't know what I'd do w/out their encouragement
  • Being home to raise my kids is most important in this season of life vs. a career
  • Baseboards/ceiling fan/ledges being dirty are not the end of the world.  Who looks at those things anyways?!
  • The 5-second rule reigns supreme in this house. . . . unless what was dropped was wet/gooey.
  • Underwear/burp rags really don't have to be folded
  • Kids being crazy actually helps calm the chaos. . . they have to run out of energy sooner or later! *wink*
  • Pets are a great addition to a family, but some family dynamics no longer fit the ability to have/care for a pet as needed
  • Fighting the laundry 'monster' in a house with 6 people is a futile effort.  As long as they have 1 clean outfit & 1 clean pair of undergarments - we're all good!
  • Having less $ has caused us to focus more on what we DO have, what we can afford to GIVE away and how to better UTILIZE what is currently in our possession.
  • Coordinated nap times with both Wookeese & Nattie Bear is a blessing
  • The human body can actually function on less sleep than what I think is ideal
  • Patience!  Wish I had more but I do see its benefit when I'm of the right mind to use it. 
  • No longer do I harbor an aversion to minivans.  I really like our orange 'party' machine.  :)

But most importantly, over the last year I've learned that even in my moments of doubt, fear, resentment and lack of faith - God STILL continues to stand by and show me that He hasn't given up on me!  When we've run short on supplies, he provides.  When I become frazzled, he is there to calm. 

And when I hurt, he has brought others in my life to show me love.  There really is no greater lesson & gift than that. ♥

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  1. Well happy birthday! And can I tell you something? One of my biggest fears as my husband and I talk about only a second child is that I'll lose this blissfully quiet afternoon nap time! I'm glad that your little nappers have done that for you :)
    Visiting from WLWW today.

  2. Happy Birthday. Your list is amazing. May this next year bring you even more joy and satisfaction. God is so steady and always there. :)